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Time is short but we'll make it worthwhile

Through strong foundations we will build concrete understanding of mathematical concepts, walking your child through a series of ascending stages. Everything in mathematics starts from here. A total of 3 Stages over 3 years.


Introduction to Creative Thinking

A child’s brain is like that of a seed. It will germinate well like that of a seed with a good stimulus and the right exposure. Initiating from the very bottom, the basics- the numbers of 1 to 20, your child will be ready for the future. Key skills such as observation, classification, basic network, Hands and eyes coordination, Probability, Shadow geometry and Number recognition are introduced. Get prepped, start right.


Application of concepts

We're halfway there! At this point, your child will be dealing with numerals of 1 to 80We will be focusing on quantity recognition and identification, pattern comparison and correspondence as they are pivotal to understanding maths.


Mastery mathematical skills

The final level of i-Maths programme, one last step towards completing this joyous journey. Now that numbers up to 100 have been covered, it's time to learn number combination to express value regardless of the number of digits. More exciting maths to learn, more fun games to play.

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